Friday, December 4, 2009

The Oboe Has Arrived!

The oboe arrived this week. After so much anticipation, I was thrilled and relieved to finally hear it, especially playing chromatically down to that low "A"!

Close up of low-A thumb key on top joint

Researching this instrument, I heard many stories about how heavy it was and all of the problems this caused oboists. Happily for me, the slight increase in weight is hardly noticeable.
Something that was apparent immediately was the full, dark tone. The break-in limit of only ten minutes at any given time is simply not enough!

Comparison of a standard Loree Royal and the extended range Royal

A quick shout out to Carlos Coelho for all of his assistance and expertise in helping me to receive this oboe so quickly, and for his many years of excellent Loree oboe service!

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