Sunday, February 10, 2013

Clare Loveday - Composer Profile

One of the most rewarding parts of working in South Africa was the realization that there is a small but very dedicated contemporary music movement that includes many extremely talented individuals. The new music reading sessions that occurred with the KZN Philharmonic Orchestra every few months enabled my husband and I to not only meet many wonderful composers, but to then hear their latest works read on the same day. On one such occasion, we met Clare Loveday, a passionate and diverse composer with a strong background in wind writing (such a rarity!). Clare is very representative of the composers in South Africa; they are extremely committed to developing the new music scene within the country and work tirelessly together with other musicians and academic institutions. One often finds this same group of people behind most of the major new music festivals, concerts and events and it truly shows just how dedicated they are to the promotion contemporary works. 

I will have the honor of performing Clare's new work for solo Loboe this June at the 2013 International Double Reed Society Conference at the University of Redlands. This will be a short recital of solo pieces written specifically for the Loboe Project. Thanks to the conveniences of the internet, we have been able to work together despite the large distance that separates us; I am very excited about this beautiful work and am looking forward to performing it in the next few months!

Be sure to visit Clare’s website to learn more about her amazing musical journey and accomplishments! 

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