Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sound...Through Another Blog


This weekend I was able to assist film composer Austin Wintory with his pet-project; a joint blog with photographer Andrew Berglund, resulting in a new sound clip and photograph every day for a year. While Austin already had this excerpt prepared when he contacted me about recording it (thus it does not contain any "low-A" pitches), I was very excited to have this unique opportunity (through another blogger of all things!) to debut my oboe outside of the the apartment. Its official debut performance will happen during a performance later this month and rest assured, it will contain plenty of "low-A" action. 
It was quite rewarding to record the results of this oboe's tedious break in process and share it here. Soon I will be able to post an example of the oboe playing its full range. But for now, I wish Austin and Andrew best of luck with their project, as it is an ambitious one!

The above photograph, sound clip link and following excerpts 
are from the Blog "Allogamy" by Austin Wintory and Andrew Burgland

Some stock photo styling. Mmm mmm.

Two things behind this one. We got a 486 when I was maybe 8. Like the rest of my generation, I've been more or less dependent on the computer since then. The keyboard is, as such, a dear old friend of mine. The gel color on the flash is cerulean blue. I spent innumerable Friday nights as a child at Austin's house. We also watched The X-Files routinely. I remember that color from one episode. The specifics of the episode are lost on me, just that the color was central to the plot. So in the spirit of memory, I went with it.

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